Ecu Remapping?


To some people, their car is the life support of their business; to some others, their car is family. Whatsoever way you view your car, it is important to build trust between you and your car, ensuring that it doesn’t fail when you need more performance or fuel conservation.

Zi tuning is a world class ECU software tuning company that is fully equipped with professional mechanics and technicians experienced in taking your car from dowdy to royalty. We specialize in providing top-notch quality software for many types of vehicles ranging from bikes to cars to vans to trucks to tractors to boats and even some forklift trucks.

Our software offers are grouped into three categories which include; Power ECU remapping, Economy Remapping and a balance of the two.  All our software is custom tuned specially for you and your vehicle. This is to ensure that our upgrades remain untraceable to the main dealer when receiving annual services.


Why Choose us?


When it comes to tuning your vehicle, we have a team of fully trained and experienced engineers. We take pride in ensuring all of our team have the correct and most up to date professional training required to complete all ecu remapping & chip tuning.

Fully qualified technicians
Dependable and approachable staff
We don’t use technical jargon

What Is Ecu Remapping?

The ECU is a program that controls how the engine works. Nearly all engines from the factory have flat spots installed into their ECU – this is because they have been detuned by their manufacturers. When we remap a vehicle, all default software on the ECU is overwritten with new software to ensure a better engine power & performance.

We have well equipped engineers always ready to transform your car’s performance by; increasing your vehicle torque and power, solve drivability problems such as low range revs with hesitations and flat spots, reducing your vehicle fuel consumption and making your vehicle more responsive and enjoyable to drive all through all ECU remapping.

To provide a better output, At Zi tuning, we ensure that no generic maps are used and all our maps is custom tuned to each vehicle so all data specific to the vehicle is kept.


5* Remapping Service

It is better to put your vehicle in safe hands, in our hands rather than trusting it with inexperienced tuners that use out of house file writers. Some remapping company can only offer a generic file, originally made from another vehicle but we pride ourselves with our 5* guaranteed ECU remapping service.  Our 5* services promises that all ECUs are custom tuned in house to completely utilize the best functionality of your vehicle