We have tested our programs rigorously and we can confidently say our software upgrades is totally undetectable to your main dealer. Unlike many companies sending generic files, when we remap ECUs, because our maps are custom tuned to each vehicle, the software and hardware number remains the same and even the VIN number remains in the vehicle. So when a diagnostic is carried out by your main dealer our upgrades remain undetected.

YES, OF COURSE! If peradventure your tuned file is lost due to dealer or part failure, the default map from the manufacturers can be reinstalled back to your vehicle’s ECU and this revert its performance to the original performance when you first got it.

Although our maps are usually undetectable if diagnosed, but the legal answer is YES! It is important that your insurance company know about the changes and modification in your vehicle. Most insurance company concur to the idea, especially when it has to do with the fuel economy optimization package.

Usually everything improves when remapping the vehicle. So even when remapping for more torque and power, the remap slightly produces slightly better fuel economy.

On the other hand, the economy remap provides you with huge money savings on fuel. At Zi tuning, we ensure complete satisfaction by offering a fine blend of both the remap for both fuel conservation and more performance.

When you give your vehicle to an inexperienced file writer, they might end up over-tuning the vehicle. Over-tuning can lead to “straining of the engine”. When this occurs, too much power is given to some components such as the clutch, turbo, injector etc   which leads to failure in some of this components and reduction in the engine life.

Here at Zi tuning, we ensure that all vehicle remapped are optimized without any damage to the vehicle by only allowing the right proportion of tuning.